Sime Darby: Developing Sustainable Futures
Business Principles

Health, Safety and Environment
Health and safety are important for our employees and communities where we operate. We shall provide a safe and healthy workplace setting to prevent accidents and injury. We ensure our business operations are sustainable, by proactively addressing environmental challenges, and respecting fundamental human rights, without sacrificing long-term economic value creation. 

Complying with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the countries that we operate.

Working with Local Communities
Engaging with and contributing to local communities in a socially responsible manner wherever we operate, without compromising the benefits of any particular stakeholder.

Fair Business Practices
Ensuring that we promote fair business practices and compete in an ethical manner.

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Our Business Units
  • Sime Darby Plantation
  • Sime Darby Industrial
  • Sime Darby Motors
  • Sime Darby Property
  • Sime Darby Energy & Utilities
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