Sime Darby: Developing Sustainable Futures
Growing Together

At Sime Darby, we believe that everyone is unique and that everyone has a desire to play a distinct part in creating a sustainable future.

That is why we place paramount importance on focusing our efforts towards building a meaningful foundation for this generation and the next. Hence, we seek those who are eager to create and be a part of an enabling environment where everyone performs to their best abilities, because we believe that challenges are best met head on and successes are best celebrated together.

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How can we help you grow?

  • Personal Growth & Diversity
    Personal growth is the cornerstone in our journey towards success. We make it our priority to recognize the numerous talents among us and ensure that they are in the right roles at the right time as we believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader in their own respect. We also look towards enhancing our diversity as we believe that within our diversity lies boundless potential and strength.

  • We Provide
    We take every effort to ensure our people are aware of their strengths and areas for development, and in turn, we provide the resources for a well–structured career progression and empower our people to steer their own career development. We also provide financial assistance to our people who wishes to further their education in related areas.

Our Say

Elaine Chong

"There was a young boy working as a porter in our hospital, who got interested in x-ray imaging. We gave him the opportunity to learn and train, and he eventually became an Imaging Technologist. And today, he is a Radiographer."

Elaine Chong, Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Group

Being an international company with global reach, we are able to create further opportunities within Sime Darby.

We support internal career movements across our business divisions

At Sime Darby, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to maximise their potential.

We support internal career movements across our business divisions

Our Sime Darby Leadership Centre (SDLC) was established to align our talents to our strategic goal of developing future leaders. One of the approaches is by providing a platform and learning opportunities for employees to gain relevant knowledge and skills to effectively perform their roles.

SDLC offers a comprehensive Corporate Learnings designed to meet the developmental needs of a junior executive, right up through to the senior management level:
  • Our Core Programmes enhance the skills and knowledge of our people to improve their performance in order to drive consistency, common language and culture in Sime Darby. The programmes consist of Core Executive Training, Executive Milestone and Induction Programme & Compliance.
  • Our Leadership Programmes offer a combination of elective leadership training modules and accelerated leadership development programme. The programmes consist of Leadership Modules, Accelerated Leadership Programme and Personalised Development for top management.
  • Our Functional Programmes cater for job functions that are common across the Group and the Divisions . These programmes consist of Functional Fundamentals, Role Based Training based on Common Function Competencies and Specialisation & Certification Training. 
  • Our Electives Programmes offer employees the flexibility of accessing just-in-time training based on individual and business needs. These programmes consist of Customised, Personal Effectiveness, Business Courses & Transformational Training.

Sime Darby Training Centres

  • Sime Darby Leadership Centre, Malaysia
  • Sime Darby Plantation Academy, Malaysia
  • Minamas Institutions, Indonesia
  • Sime Darby Industrial Academy, Malaysia
  • Hastings Deering Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Tractors Singapore Limited (TSL) Training Centre, Singapore
  • CEL Industrial Equipment Training Centre at Shunde, Guangdong, China
  • Xin Jian Training Centre, China
  • Sime Darby Nursing & Health Sciences College, Malaysia

We make it our responsibility to accord consistent and quality learning experiences for our people.

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