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Ethical Business Practices

Code of Business Conduct (COBC)
The COBC provides guidance on the standards of behaviour expected of all Directors and Employees of the Sime Darby Group, and where applicable, Counterparts and Business Partners. The standards of behaviour are derived from the Group’s Core Values and Business Principles.
The COBC applies to all Directors and Employees of the Group. This includes Employees on secondment to Joint Ventures, affiliates or associates. Counterparts are also expected to comply with this handbook when representing the Group. Business Partners are encouraged to adopt similar principles and standards of behaviour. The COBC also applies to all businesses and countries in which the Group operates.

Implementation and Monitoring of the COBC

To ensure that all Sime Darby employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge of the COBC and accountable to abide by the COBC, the Sime Darby Group Compliance Office has implemented the following key initiatives:

  • Initial Train-The-Trainer Roadshows
    COBC training sessions were conducted in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Australia and Indonesia for key senior personnel of Sime Darby to ensure tone for the top is enforced and resonates with all employees
  • Online e-Learning
    Implemented online COBC e-Learning course for all employees worldwide with computer access.
  • Collaboration with Human Resource (HR) Events
    Increase the visibility of the COBC to all employees via collaboration with HR functions across the Group.
Conflict of Interest
Sime Darby Group ensures that its employees and directors exercise judgment and perform their duties with integrity, accountability, and openness. The Group supports its employees and directors to this end by enabling them to avoid conflicts between their personal interests and their official duties with Section 6 of Code of Business Conduct - Avoiding Conflicts of Interest.

Click here to download the Conflict of Interest Form. Please direct any queries to compliance@simedarby.com.
Disclosures & Transparency
Dealings in SDB securities by directors and principal officers of SDB are announced through Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. The announcements can be viewed through www.bursamalaysia.com
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