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Yee Yuen Fen, Chief Pharmacist at Ramsay Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya
Yee Yuen Fen, Chief Pharmacist at Ramsay Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya
Yee Yuen Fen
Chief Pharmacist, Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare, Subang Jaya Medical Centre
As a child, Yee Yuen Fen’s worst nightmare was consuming medication. To overcome this fear, Yuen Fen decided to “take the bull by its horns” and pursued a career in Pharmacy as a challenge. Today, Yuen Fen is the Chief Pharmacist at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre, playing a vital role in the Healthcare system by helping patients get well, dispensing prescribed medication. But a Chief Pharmacist’s role is not just about dispensing medication. Yuen Fen ensures that the Pharmacy department runs smoothly and maintains the extensive hospital formulary of more than 5,000 types of medicines.
Tell us about your role as Chief Pharmacist at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre?
Being medication experts, pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare system by providing medication and information to patients. While responsibility varies among the different areas of pharmacy practice, the bottom line is that as pharmacists, we help patients get well.

A pharmacist is responsible during all stages of the medication process – selection, storage, ordering, dispensing, administration and monitoring- which must be appropriately integrated into a comprehensive medication management system. One of my roles as Chief Pharmacist is to ensure the supply of high quality products while maintaining an extensive hospital formulary which consists of more than 5,000 medicines.

I am also involved in driving medication safety initiatives in the hospital so that our patients benefit from the good therapeutic outcome and are not harmed in anyway.

Besides the clinical aspect of the job, I have to ensure the financial goals of the department are met. I am involved in monitoring and reporting on expenditure for medicine usage within the hospital.

What is a typical work-day for you?
Mornings are usually the busiest part of the day as I have to review the purchase requests, maintain drug prices and attend to patients' requests and doctors' enquiries. During busy days, I will also help out at the prescription filling station.

Afternoons are often spent with reviewing reports, approving plans as well as holding discussions with my team on daily matters.

What was one of the most challenging tasks that you were thrown with?
The recent implementation of GST in Malaysia was something new to all of us. It is a challenging task having to reconcile manually our hospital formulary with the list of more than 5,000 national essential medicines which are zero rated, within a period of less than 10 days to the day of implementation. I don’t think we could have achieved it without the hard work of the entire team. Teamwork does matter!

What’s the best part about your job?
As a pharmacist, I get to meet new people every day. Our patients are our best teachers. We learn and grow based on their feedback and seeing a patient leave the hospital with peace of mind is my biggest job satisfaction. It makes all my efforts worthwhile!

What inspired you to be where you are now?
When I was younger, it was my parents’ worst nightmare when they needed to feed me  antibiotic solution. The neighbours could probably hear me screaming and shouting four times a day because I just hated it. But one day, I told myself, medicine can’t taste that bad and I made the decision to overcome that fear by being a pharmacist.

What do you think is your strength?
I suppose I am very attentive. I have an eye for detail because being accurate is the most important thing in healthcare.

Why did you choose Sime Darby?
Pharmacists have the option of working in various areas of practice but hospital pharmacy has been always my area of interest. When I first joined this hospital, there were only a handful of established private hospitals around and I was fortunate to be offered a place here.

Working in a tertiary hospital has enabled me to expand my clinical knowledge given the wide range of medications that are carried by the hospital pharmacy to cater to the needs of various specialties.

Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care has been a good training ground for me as I also have the opportunity to learn other valuable skills such as inventory management, finance, customer service skills and people management.

How do you find people in Sime Darby?
There is a pool of talented people from various backgrounds here, with vast working experiences from which I can learn from. One thing my colleagues is that they are not selfish. We share knowledge and help one another. I still remember how, during a week of training at Carey Island with colleagues from other divisions, there was a strong sense of sharing and helping one another. We laughed, we shared stories and we worked together on our team project.

Remembering them, I would like to say, I can’t thank each and every one of you enough.
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