Operating Responsibly

Human Rights

We believe that we have a responsibility to respect, support, and uphold fundamental human rights as expressed in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We are also committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone is treated with respect, trust and dignity. 

The overarching building blocks of our approach to uphold human rights are as follows: 


Ensuring that our operations do not impede on the rights of people and their cultural values. 


Supporting stakeholders in making their voices heard and build their own sustainable future. 


Adopting a precautionary approach and safeguarding vulnerable populations and ecosystems. 


Listening to our stakeholders and maintain dialogue and consultation on our performance. 


Going beyond risk minimisation and impact mitigation to create a net positive footprint. 


Sharing our journey and be transparent about our performance and objectives.

In our effort to operationalise business and human rights, we understand that it is also important for our people to have the necessary knowledge and awareness. Various training programmes and workshops are currently being carried out to ensure that the different levels of the workforce have the correct capacity in terms of human rights.


Labour Standards

We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer. We respect our employees’ rights with regards to freedom of association, their freedom of movement, and their rights for a safe and healthy working environment. We view equality and diversity as a business imperative and strive to foster an inclusive culture that is reflective of the richly diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as cultures of the communities where we operate.