Our Commitments

The Group remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability. Our sustainability goals are fundamental to how we do business as it enables us to create long lasting value for our stakeholders.

“We are committed to making sustainability an integral part of the Group’s strategy through broader environmental and social goals. Collectively, our pledge to cut emissions, create an energy-efficient product portfolio, and increase our investment in sustainable innovation supports the Group’s overarching agenda of delivering sustainable futures” 

Glenn Sheahan
Group Chief Safety and Sustainability Officer

Sustainability Blueprint

Sustainability at Sime Darby

Sustainability is an integral driver of the Group’s strategy and decision-making. Our commitment to environmental preservation, and social cohesion, and good governance is demonstrated by our Sustainability Blueprint, which embeds sustainable practice throughout our organisation.

Building upon our core values, the Sustainability Blueprint is fundamental to how we do business by creating long-term value for our people, our customers, our shareholders and the communities we impact. The overarching aim of the Blueprint is to foster sustainable continuity by aligning to our corporate purpose, which is to ‘deliver sustainable futures’.

The Blueprint has been instrumental in guiding our businesses through the transition to a lower carbon economy. We view this transition as an opportunity to grow and pivot our business in line with future demand, to future proof our business. Throughout the Group, the Blueprint is also used as a tool to instill, shift, and enhance a culture based on more sustainable practices.

Our Sustainability Efforts

Our approach to environmental stewardship is a balance between the pursuit of socio-economic, environmental sustainability and prosperity.


Our social responsibility is focused on our employees and the communities in which we operate.


Governance is not just about adherence to a set of recommendations. It is a way of doing business and is paramount in everything we do.