Contractor Green Card Initiative in Inokom

The safety of our workplace and operations are not only dependent on the actions of our employees, but also our contractors. It is important for us to ensure that our contractors subscribe to the same values that we do, especially so in regards to safety.

Before contractors can begin work at the Inokom premise, they need to be familiarized with the risks associated with their working environment as well as the activity they will be undertaking.

Safety & Health

Safeguarding the safety and health of our people, our partners as well as the local communities in our areas of operations is of utmost importance to us. At Sime Darby, we are working towards a goal of zero harm in all of our operations.

We have established an Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Transformation Framework that ensures regulatory compliance, and more importantly, drives a sectoral best-in-class Safety & Health culture within the organisation. At Sime Darby, Safety & Health is driven through four focused areas which include:

Leadership and Commitment

  • Improve visibility of safety and health commitment amongst senior management.
  • Incorporate safety and health objectives into department targets and goals. This includes setting ESH vision and challenging KPIs as well as defining clear responsibility and authority with regards to ESH.
  • Show visible commitment to safety and health through conducting of safety programmes and chairing dedicated forums on safety and health within the respective units/organisations.
  • Provide support and resources to safety and health personnel.
  • Recognise achievement and reward safety and health performance.
  • Implement safety and health reporting systems, including stop-work systems to improve workplace safety.


  • Enhance internal safety and health policies, systems, and processes.
  • Adopt a formal Safety & Health Policy, supported by adequate codes of practice and safety standards to ensure proactive system management of safety and health.
  • Embed safety and health training in induction programmes and regularly conduct safety and health training to ensure adequate awareness and the development of competence among employees.
  • Deploy an ESH communication plan to improve ESH communication and transparency across all organisational levels.
  • Develop a customised and dedicated standard on risk management for effective hazard control.
  • Reinforce and support the importance of safety via an effective Safety & Health Management Process, including ‘near-miss’ reporting.


  • Embed a safety and health culture among all employees across all levels.
  • Promote a safety culture within the Group through active engagement with employees.


  • Enhance compliance to safety and health standards.
  • Conduct regular auditing of safety systems for continuous improvement of systems and processes.
  • Investigate all accidents and near-misses thoroughly to apply lessons learnt and to ensure no repeat or recurrence of similar incidences.