Sime Darby Skim Latihan 1Malaysia

Sime Darby Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M) is a eight-month programme designed to prepare Malaysian graduates for the corporate world. The holistic programme includes intensive soft skills training to equip SL1M trainees with specific skill sets and understanding of the business before commencing their on-the-job training across the company.


Malaysian aged 27 years and below
Degree holder with a CGPA of 2.5 and above (or the equivalent)
< 2
Unemployed after graduation for no more than 2 years

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Select ONLY ONE field of study that is most applicable to your qualification.

Business Management

Business, International Business, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Sales and Marketing, Administration, Human Resource, Social Science, Corporate Communications, Secretarial, Mass Communication, Creative Multimedia, Graphic Design, Legal/Law, Procurement, Transportation & Logistics, Sport Science, Risk Management & Insurance

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Finance and Accounts

Accounting, Finance, ACCA

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Information Technology (IT)

IT, Computer Science, Software Engineering

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Mechanical, Automotive, Chemical, Project, Electrical, Lean Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics, Process

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Chemistry, Environmental Safety and Health, Actuarial Science

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