Contributing To A Better Society

Human Capital

We strive to meet the needs, positively impact and protect the rights of our diverse range of stakeholders, which importantly includes our employees.  We aim to provide employment in a socially responsible manner, contribute towards raising the standard of living of our people and assist our communities with their needs and concerns. 
We recognise that our employees are our most valuable asset. We have developed a Human Resource five-year roadmap, aimed at fostering strong individual and organisational performance, intensifying talent and leadership development and putting up effective tools in our bid to become the Employer of Choice for top talents. 

In addition, to drive sustainable performance, Sime Darby pays special attention to employee engagement, enhancing workforce effectiveness and diversity, transparency and strengthening grievance mechanisms.

For more information on employment in Sime Darby, visit our Careers page.

Employee Development
We aim to be the  Employer of Choice for top talents and develop and instil a performance and value-driven culture within Sime Darby.
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