Contributing To A Better Society

Social Investment

Sime Darby creates shared value for society through economic growth and development in countries where the Group has direct impact and where stakeholders may have an influence on operations. We realise that we are part of the larger society and mutual growth is important in our journey to ensure the sustainability of our business.
  • Eradicate Extreme Poverty And Hunger
  • Achieve Universal Education
  • Empower Women And Children
  • Improve Global Health
  • Ensure Environmental Sustainability
  • Global Partnership For Development
  • Eradicate Extreme Poverty And Hunger
    Eradicate Extreme Poverty And Hunger

    • 25,000 families lives improved through inclusive businesses
    • 18,463 individuals received food assistance
    • 5,498 were provided temporary shelter and affordable houses
    • 1,440 youths provided with vocational training and employment
    • Infrastructure development to provide clean water, electricity and connectivity (roads)
    • Construction of communal buildings and facilities (clinics, schools, recreational facilities and house of worships)
  • Achieve Universal Education
    Achieve Universal Education

    • 18,467 children benefit from education facilities within operations
    • 551 stateless and refugee children received back-to-school assistance
    • 6,227 people including People Living with Disability assisted in tertiary education
    • 2,200 braille books produced
  • Empower Women And Children
    Empower Women And Children

    • 673 battered women and 562 children sheltered
    • 11,207 women engaged on violence against women
    • 1,923 children advocated through national conference and school holiday camps
  • Improve Global Health
    Improve Global Health

    • Ebola
    • AIDS/HIV and PLHIV
    • Epilepsy
    • Cancer & Leukaemia
    • Diabetes & Coronary diseases
    • Palliative care and Rural health
  • Ensure Environmental Sustainability
    Ensure Environmental Sustainability

    • Over 952,355 trees planted
    • Over 80 endangered animals rescued
    • 15,000 IT users adopted Green ICT
    • 10,121 participated in 3R practices
    • 20 smoke-free workplaces
    • Supporting R&D in climate change, sustainable development, safe forest, high carbon stock and carbon neutral residence
  • Global Partnership For Development
    Global Partnership For Development

    • 581 corporate sponsorships and partnerships
    • 501 organisations in active engagement
    • Over 2,500 donated items and services annually
Our work with communities involves understanding local needs and finding solutions that can address social or economic issues pertinent to our business. Our social purpose is to support the development of society by providing them with local job opportunities, skills and education as well as investments in community programmes that improve living conditions.

Case studies
  • Development of Malaysia’s Young Mechanics
    Sime Darby believes in strengthening the skills of local communities in order to meet the needs of the economy. This is conducted through various vocational, on the job, apprenticeship and training programmes.
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