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Minority Shareholder Rights

Minority shareholders are treated equally as with the other shareholders of the Group. The minority shareholders in Malaysia are represented by the Minority Shareholders Watch Group (MSWG). The MSWG was established as a government initiative in 2000, as part of a broader capital market framework to protect the interests of minority shareholders through shareholder activism.

One of the roles of MSWG is to ensure that minority shareholders are accorded with their three basic rights; i.e. right to seek information, right to voice an opinion and the right to seek redress. The right to voice an opinion includes, amongst others, the right to nominate a candidate for directorship. For the past few years, MSWG has participated actively in the Group's Annual General Meetings.

The Group’s shareholder protection mechanisms that are in place, include:

The presence of a Senior Independent Director (SID) to whom concerns relating to the Group may be conveyed by shareholders and other stakeholders. The Group's Annual Report provides contact details of the SID.

The Group’s whistleblowing policy in place where shareholders/ stakeholders are provided an avenue to report in good faith any suspected wrongdoing.

The Group discloses Related Party Transactions (RPTs) involving directors, major shareholder, and persons connected to them which are above the prescribed threshold limit as set out in the Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (the Malaysian Stock Exchange), via an announcement through the Bursa website.

Significant RPTs are reviewed by the GAC to ensure that the transaction is not detrimental to the interest of the minority shareholder.

Any query regarding the Group can be conveyed to the Group Secretary or the Group Chief Stratefy Officer. The contact details are provided in the Group’s Annual Report.

The Group provides written explanation in response to queries raised by MSWG and these questions and answers are read out at the Group's AGM.