Our Commitment

The Group remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability. Our sustainability goals are fundamental to how we do business as it enables us to create long lasting value for our stakeholders.


The Group has put in place a new dedicated, cohesive and holistic sustainability blueprint, which aims to further strengthen our commitment towards exemplary standards on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance. 


Sustainability Blueprint

The Blueprint was developed after a year-long engagement process with our key internal and external stakeholders to enhance and adapt our existing sustainability initiatives. It was also developed in line with the Group’s material matters, which are matters that the Group has identified as having the highest importance to our stakeholders and our ability to create long term value.

Read more on our material matters in our Annual Report.

Through the implementation of our Sustainability Blueprint, we will ensure that our goals are aligned with our values in delivering environmental and social benefits to all our stakeholders, and in our commitment to the highest standards in corporate governance. 

Sustainability Blueprint

The Sustainability Blueprint has been developed around four key sustainability themes:

  • Optimising our Environmental and Social Footprint
  • Inspiring Our Employees to Deliver Meaningful Change
  • Engaging in Sustainable Partnerships
  • Driving Sustainable Innovation and Technology

Collectively, these four themes define what sustainability means to the Group and guide our approach in creating positive environmental, social and governance impact through the management of our material matters. The blueprint is also aligned with our commitment towards contributing positively to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Sustainability Efforts
Human Rights

We value our customers, employees, and shareholders and treat everyone with the utmost respect.

Safety & Health

We strive to implement a goal of zero harm in all of our operations.

Environmental Sustainability

We aim to lessen the impact of our operations on the environment through proper management.


We provide opportunities for leadership development, innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence.