Operating Responsibly

Environmental Sustainability

Our approach to environmental stewardship is a balance between the pursuit of socio-economic and environmental sustainability.

Climate change, scarcity of resources and improper management of waste and effluents are pressing environmental issues on a global scale that have the potential to pose regulatory, physical and reputational risks to Sime Darby’s operations. It is therefore imperative that the Group’s environmental footprint is proactively managed.

Sime Darby's policy on carbon, energy, water and effluents management and waste disposal encapsulates the following, and is applicable across the Group:

  • Track carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste disposal 
  • Set reduction targets for carbon emissions, energy and water consumption and waste disposal 
  • Identify and implement water, waste and energy-efficient measures 
  • Develop, implement and monitor progress of action plans
  • Comply with all local and country-specific legislation regarding carbon, energy, water and waste management

We will continue to work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste generation to limit the environmental impact of our operations. 

Environmental Conservation

We also support the protection of the environment and the conservation of biodiversity through the funding of Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) and partnerships with various environmental agencies and NGOs. YSD supports world-class scientific research, with the aim of translating results into action, while developing highly capable local researchers. YSD also supports initiatives and campaigns that encourage and empower communities to live sustainably by adopting green and sustainable practices in their lifestyle.

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