Operating Responsibly

Safety & Health

Our safety initiatives aim to realise the goal of “No Harm” while creating value in all aspects of the Group’s operations. 

The health and safety of our employees, partners and local communities is the top priority for the Group. Our goal is to position Sime Darby as a globally recognised leader in safety and sustainability, realising the goal of “No Harm” with sustainability creating value in all aspects of the Group’s operations. In collaboration with all partners and stakeholders, we will continue to develop its people, systems and processes to manage risks, build resilience and achieve continuous improvement in safety and sustainability performance.

We are determined to further enhance safety culture and systems across all our operations and influence cultural change with its contractors to prevent a recurrence of such an incident. We have introduced a next-generation safety culture programme called “SELF”, which stands for Safe Engage Lead and Focus.

Safety and Sustainability Strategic Blueprint

The Group’s health and safety strategy is guided by the Safety and Sustainability Strategic Blueprint which identifies the critical success factors for delivery in FY2021. This includes the delivery and a roll out plan for the Group’s safety culture programme, “SELF”. 

The Blueprint focuses on four critical success factors: improving health and safety, building value through sustainability, managing risk and quality assurance, and enhancing business resilience. These four success factors are instrumental to achieving the Group’s “No Harm” goal, which is supported by the following initiatives:

  • Promoting a generative safety culture
  • Building capability through Felt leadership
  • Group-wide safety culture programmes
  • Enhancing lead indicator reporting
  • Customising training programmes and audits that target high risk activities;
  • Delivering systems and processes to support assurance through organisational governance activities;
  • Embedding a continuous improvement culture