Water Management

Water management is not just an environmental concern, it is also an important asset to manage.  

We support the responsible use of water resources by monitoring and managing the water we use. 

We continue to seek and improve our water management practices across the Group by identifying opportunities to source, use, and reuse water.  Effective management of our water consumption practices not only ensures a secure water supply but also drives cost efficiency. 

Learn more about our initiatives in our FY2023 Annual Report

Our Approach

Responsible utilisation of water resources through monitoring and effective management of our water consumption including rainwater harvesting, water conservation and wastewater recycling.

Creating Value

This year, we have continued with our ongoing water-saving initiatives in the Motors and Industrial divisions. Rainwater harvesting and wastewater recycling have reduced our water footprint and operational costs.

Throughout several facilities we have managed to reduce our reliance on potable municipal water supply, contributing to water conservation. This was done by treating recycled and reused water for secondary purposes, particularly in regional areas.