Behind the cranes: port management in Weifang

Zhao Hongxiang joined Sime Darby in 2013 under the Sime Darby Management Trainee Programme. As a Centre Control Executive for the Container Operations department at Weifang Sime Darby Port in China, Hongxiang finds that management and people skills are crucial in his line of work.

Zhao Hongxiang

When Hongxiang begins his shift at the Container Operations department, he wastes no time in getting things done. He will organise a meeting to review the previous night's production, arrange the production plan for the day, and assist the Manager to manage the daily work for Weifang Sime Darby Port's container operation.

As personal safety remains an integral part of the company, Hongxiang makes sure he sees to it. His day-to-day work requires him to arrange for the Port's staff to assist customers in the event of any emergency, including loading and/or unloading production issues.

"Communication continues to be the most challenging aspect as you're dealing with all kinds of people," said Hongxiang. "To achieve production targets, we need to designate the right worker in the right position and establish an annual performance evaluation for the team which will improve their performance and efficiency. The team management experience gained from these challenging tasks is precious to me."

Being at Sime Darby, Zhao enjoys working with people who are similarly committed in delivering exceptional outcomes. "My colleagues are my best friends. They work diligently and believe Sime Darby can create a good future," Hongxiang adds.

"Where there is endeavour, there is hope."

Our people at Sime Darby are able to gain advanced enterprise management experiences and competitive remunerations. Coupled with the help of HR employee development courses, employees like Hongxiang are able to have a rewarding career path.

To achieve production targets, we need to designate the right worker in the right position.