Investor relations

Shareholder & Dividend Info

Shareholding Structure

As at 29 June 2018


Free Float

Shareholder Info

As at 13 September 2017 (as per the Annual Report 2017)


Share Capital and Number of Issued Shares

RM3,400,419,688.50 comprising 6,800,839,377 ordinary shares


Class of Shares

Ordinary shares


Voting Rights

One vote per ordinary share in the case of a poll and one vote per person on a show of hands


For more shareholding analysis, you may refer to our

Annual report 2017




Foreign Shareholding

As at 29 June 2018




Note: Foreign shareholding as at 31 December 2017 is 18.85%.

Source: Tricor Investor 


Dividend Information (FY2016/2017)

Dividend Payout Ratio
RM1.6 billion
Total Dividend Payout

The Board recommends the payment of a final dividend of 17.0 sen per share. Combined with the interim dividend of 6.0 sen, the full year dividend therefore amounts to 23.0 sen per share. This brings the total pay-out for the year under review to RM1.6 billion, or a net dividend pay-out ratio of 64%.