Waste Management

Our actions impact the environment and our communities. Failing to address this issue poses risks, both to our reputation and the ecosystems we depend on. 

Responsible waste management is an important component of our sustainability efforts. 

To prevent harm to the environment and local communities, we dispose of wastes and effluents in a safe, responsible manner pertinent to local regulations. 

Learn more about our initiatives in our FY2023 Annual Report

Our Approach

  • Monitor waste disposal and effluent management throughout the organisation

  • Adhere to local regulations, ensuring safe, ethical and responsible practices

  • Commit to improving waste and effluent management methods

  • Engage reputable vendors for waste collection

Creating Value

We have implemented several methods to reduce waste generation, including new systems in the Chinese Mainland and New Zealand to facilitate efficient waste disposal management and proactively embrace the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle strategy. 

Included is a new environmental reporting procedure where information is now gathered on both recycled waste and disposed waste.