Human Rights

We have a responsibility to respect, support, and uphold fundamental human rights.

Human rights are universal rights inherent to all human beings to which everyone is equally entitled without discrimination. In Sime Darby, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to respect, support and uphold these fundamental human rights. To this end, the Sime Darby Human Rights Charter sets out our commitment to assess, prevent, mitigate and address human rights impacts, including modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains. 


Fair Employment Practices

Supporting fair employment practices across the Group ensures our workforce is diverse and our employees’ benefit from cultural exchange. 

The Group thrives in an inclusive culture where differences in our employees are valued.
Diversity and inclusivity allow the organisation to embrace new ideas, different ways of working and different skills. This ultimately allows the Group to realise its full potential. 

Sime Darby is committed to fair and equal treatment of all employees and all people who seek employment at Sime Darby, including equal opportunities for development and advancement. 
The Group instituted a group-wide policy that does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment based on gender, race, disability, nationality, religion or age. 

Implementing fair employment practices across the Group ensures that our workforce is diverse and employees’ overall productivity and creativity is enhanced. 

Responsible Supply Chain

To uphold the integrity of our supply chain, we apply rigorous criteria in our selection of suppliers and contractors, including tracking compliance with regulatory requirements such as product safety and environmental standards. We also focus on creating awareness around responsible sourcing practices among our employees, to ensure that our responsible supply chain policies are understood and operationalised.

We build sustainable supply chains that manage their environmental and social impact responsibly. Through rigorous selection criteria, we selectively build our supply chain and we utilise monitoring to ensure our partners, suppliers and vendors continually uphold our code of conduct and standards, which includes our vendor code of business conduct.


We also create a safe and conducive workplace for our people where they can strive to be the best they can be. This allows us to not only provide high quality and safe products, but also build trusted relationships with our customers and effectively support their environmental, social and governance commitments.