Sime Darby’s Terberg Tractors Malaysia expands Asia Pacific footprint with launch of Malaysia’s First Fully Electric Terminal Tractor
Pasir Gudang
  • TTM’s new electric terminal tractors to tap into new market segments, in-line with customers’ ESG aspirations
  • With the introduction of the EV, TTM looks to double market size

Terberg Tractors Malaysia Sdn Bhd (TTM), the joint venture company established between Sime Darby Industrial Sdn Bhd (Sime Darby Industrial) and the Netherlands-based Royal Terberg Group BV, looks to expand its reach in Asia Pacific with the launch of Malaysia’s first fully battery-powered electric terminal tractor, Model YT200EV. The YT200EV terminal tractor which is manufactured locally at TTM’s manufacturing and assembly facility in Pasir Gudang, Johor, will be made available for distribution by early December 2022.

In line with Malaysia’s aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the introduction of the YT200EV, is poised to address growing carbon emissions concerns at a holistic transport level and particularly within the logistics and freighting industry. In 2021,CO2 emissions from transport for Malaysia stood at 55 metric tons whilst globally, the transport and logistics sector contributes around 24% of global CO2 emissions. By replacing an existing terminal tractor with an electric Terberg, approximately 30 tonnes of CO2 will be saved per vehicle per year – this is the equivalent of planting over 1 million trees or taking more than 6,000 cars off the road.

CEO of TTM Mr Boo Wei Ching said at the launch, “We are proud to present Malaysia’s first fully battery-powered electric terminal tractor that is capable of supporting our customers’ ESG goals. As one of Asia Pacific’s leading terminal tractors manufacturers, TTM is confident that this new addition to the industry will be a huge step to complement the region’s green aspirations through the incorporation of sustainable practices. As an industry leader, we at Terberg feel that it is our responsibility to actively take part in a solution towards combatting climate change. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the YT200EV terminal tractor will also be able to significantly cut operating costs involving diesel and other fossil fuels used in conventional terminal tractors or trucks. We believe these benefits can be shared with more sectors, wider than ports and logistics, creating a larger impact from more environmentally-friendly practices across industries,”. 

The launch of the YT200EV terminal tractor took place at Terberg Manufacturing & Assembly Sdn Bhd (TMA) today in Pasir Gudang, with the attendance of Malaysia’s Book of Records, recognising TTM as the nation’s first fully-electric terminal tractor manufacturer. 

An EV Engineered for the Industry 
Manufactured in Pasir Gudang, the YT200EV terminal tractor is designed to be utilised in the shipping and logistics industry supporting in the movement of cargo and containers within container terminals. The EV is also a useful assistant in distribution centres, warehouses, receiving facilities, intermodal depots and industrial plants for shunting and housekeeping.

The YT200EV terminal tractor features 350kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries that provide continuous operation up to 10 hours (in container port operation) and can be fully charged within an hour. The vehicle also features a 240kW asynchronous water-cooled motor drive, capable of sufficient torque to carry up to 90 tonnes payload, making it more efficient and cost effective compared with diesel tractors.

“Unlike traditional tractors, our YT200EV terminal tractors come with fewer moving parts due to its nature as an EV, so customers have little to worry about with regards to wear and tear and maintenance costs. TTM will allocate 10% from our annual profits to boost investments in research and development for new products and the improvement of products, with a focus on our electric terminal tractors,” Boo added. 

With the new terminal tractors, TTM is looking at doubling up our production capacity in Malaysia from 600 units of terminal tractors to meet the expected demand from our existing customers and new customers in new market segment in the next 3 years. TTM has invested more than RM10 million to upgrade the current infrastructure which will enable to the increased output to cope with anticipated demand. 

TTM is a 50:50 joint venture (JV) between Sime Darby Industrial and Terberg, a 153-year-old Dutch company specialising in the development and production of special vehicles. Established in 2005, TTM was appointed to exclusively distribute Terberg terminal tractors in over 46 countries in the Asia Pacific region. 

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