Sime Darby’s Terberg Tractors Malaysia Launches New Asia Pacific Headquarters, Marking Market Expansion and Growth
Kuala Lumpur

Terberg Tractors Malaysia Sdn Bhd (TTM) is expected to see significant growth of its terminal tractors business for Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Region over next few years.

TTM, a joint venture company established between Sime Darby Industrial Sdn Bhd (Sime Darby Industrial) and Netherlands-based Royal Terberg Group BV, has recently launched its new and innovative headquarters for the Asia Pacific region.

According to TTM's CEO, Boo Wei Ching, the terminal tractor segment is expected to grow with an estimated CAGR rate of 4.5% to 9% over the next six years.
“We are pleased to launch our Asia Pacific headquarters in Malaysia as part of our expansion plans in the region. As TTM continues to benefit from increasing regulatory and compliance emphasis towards achieving carbon neutrality, we remain confident in the company’s market expansion and growth.”

TTM has seen exemplary and steady revenue growth since it started operations in Malaysia back in 2005. In November 2022, it successfully launched Malaysia’s first fully battery-powered electric terminal tractor, Model YT200EV, which is now widely used and a preferred product by its customers in the Asia Pacific region.

TTM's new Head Office located in Puchong is more than just a workspace; it's a dynamic hub that merges the comforts of home with cutting-edge office functionality. This strategic move aims to foster closer relationships and collaborations, creating a vibrant space for dynamic interactions that align with TTM's growth trajectory.
The new workspace creates a high level of synergy between multiple key departments stationed within the same floor. Creating value, elevating customer experience and satisfaction. This headquarters is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and innovation, providing an inspiring environment for our team.

A home-grown Malaysian multinational, TTM is a thought leader and prominent global provider of robust and efficient terminal tractors, specialising in state-of-the-art solutions for the logistics sector. With an impressive presence across 42 countries around the globe, TTM has firmly established itself as an industry leader, delivering cutting-edge Drive-by-Wire Prime Mover innovation and successfully integrating AI-enabled autonomous mobility solutions.



Terberg Tractors Malaysia Sdn Bhd (TTM) is an equal joint venture between Sime Darby Industrial Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and The Royal Terberg Group in the Netherlands. The outfit is responsible for manufacturing and supplying reliable terminal tractors. The marque runs on extensive product support capabilities and distributors network in the Asia Pacific region. Performance-wise, its production line capacity in Malaysia stands at approximately 1,000 units of Terberg Terminal tractors per annum. TTM holds firmly to product quality and prestige and stands by its highly efficient after-sales support service standards.

For further information, please contact Sime Darby Industrial Sdn Bhd Communications Department: Cynthia Blemin at 012-249 4071/