Lim Mun Qwan's Journey with Sime Darby

Lim Mun Qwan began her journey with Sime Darby as a recipient of a Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship award in 2012. “I am very lucky as I have had the opportunity to experience different roles in Sime Darby," she shares. From being a marketer for Sime Darby Industrial Sdn. Bhd. to an auditor and risk specialist for the Group in China, her journey has been marked by diverse experiences that have widened her horizons, expanded her perspectives and helped her develop valuable skills and strengths.

As a risk specialist, Mun Qwan plays a pivotal role in running risk management and supply chain projects. Her daily routine involves learning about emerging business trends, fostering collaborations, and driving project results. However, it's not just about the tasks; it's about embracing the personal vocation that encourages her to excel in her work each day. "The desire for self-improvement, to continue learning and delivering meaningful purpose and work wakes me up in every morning," she expresses.

Mun Qwan's philosophy in leadership centres around enabling others to be the best version of themselves. "Enabling others to be a better form of themselves often starts with shaping our own thoughts and actions," she asserts. This selfless perspective resonates within Sime Darby's rich culture and history, which emphasises exposing its employees to different industries and international counterparts, enabling them to gain comprehensive knowledge and a diverse set of business skills. This commitment to developing leadership abilities is a key factor that sets the company apart from others that Mun Qwan has worked for.

Inspired by Sime Darby's commitment to driving business sustainably, Lim Mun Qwan asserts that culture poses a significant role in determining a company's future. The inclusive company culture in Sime Darby ensures all employees have equal access to rewards, resources, and opportunities. "We often engage in open dialogue to discuss our aspirations and opportunities, so that the voices of employees are heard,” she endorses. She also appreciates Sime Darby's emphasis on healthy work-life balance, allowing employees to explore their interests and skills beyond working hours. 

Lim Mun Qwan’s hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. She has been recognised with a 5-year long service award from Motors China, a testament to her loyalty and significant contributions to the company. When asked about challenges faced at work, her guiding principles shine through: "No dealings are entirely easy when we are given responsibility and trust. I would say that my guiding principles are to stay professional, own the work, and anticipate for the best to happen next!"
Looking forward, Lim Mun Qwan's aspirations within the company mirror its ethos of societal value creation. She states, “To help the company truly deliver value to the society is my goal." This strong sense of commitment toward Sime Darby has continued to move her forward toward achieving excellence in her career and personal life. This includes her involvement in areas such as sustainability, investments, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) topics. Mun Qwan actively communicates with her managers to explore opportunities for involvement in relevant projects at work and to participate in company-wide training programmes.

Her persistent journey of growth with Sime Darby showcases her relentless patience and dedicated purpose – supported by the company’s focus on continuous learning and development for its talents. In the words of Lim Mun Qwan, "Nothing grows unless we bless them with patience."